Started in 2011, Smartou Co., Ltd.
(STU) is co-invested by Alibaba and Wonder Group. Wonder Group,
a professional institutional investment company established in 2000, has been engaged
in direct investment and financial services at home and abroad.  
STU builds bussiness upon its global patented technology
T-Code (Coupon) to provide process management and differentiated marketing,
which shapes into the technological platform Smartou and 3 business sections: 909 Golf Club,
Coupon Alliance Platform and We Media ”CoTalking”.


Coupon Alliance Platform:    
      ① CouponGolf: a Coupon Alliance system highly lining up to CouponGift, providing services from golf courses,
           catering, tourism, recreation to medical care, etc. to create alliance consumption experience
           and brand-new golf life for golf lovers and social elites.
      CouponGift: a Coupon Alliance system with a set of internet-based tools and facilities:
           Coupon, Coupon terminals, CouponMall, CouponPay and CoTalking, organically working together to provide Coupon  
           rewarding services for companies/institutions.

      CouponMall: an online mall selling and managing various of Coupons.

909 Golf Club:
       a professional golf club to be launched at China and Thailand, aiming at providing golf lovers and social elites with services
       ranging from golf-playing, medical care, social networking, business cooperation, etc. through Coupon Alliance Platform.

We Media “CoTalking”:
       roundtable interviews with subjects brainstorming from golf sports, health, finance to fashion life, which are encapsulated
       and operated through domestic and international mainstream media platforms; products & services
        promoting chances will open to 909 Golf Culb members.

Business Outlay

Product Outline

Data-Coupon Management
Coupon Account Settlement


Key Product Services

Private Cloud + Public Cloud

Smart Coupon System Service on Marketing, Referral and Settlement

TrusCoupon, a smart omni-channel coupon service system, is built upon T-Code (patented technology) that encapsulates smart data into coupon, with which to conduct dynamic marketing strategies, hence to scan and verify to make settlement according to actual consumption amount.
It is designed to provide companies/institutes/business owners with smart systemic resolutions upon marketing, referral and settlement.
Smart Process Management System Service for Producing,circulating and consuming

TrusLabel, a smart process management system, is running upon TrusCode (secured QR code) under ISO QR code technology and independent R&D technology that is achieved with bitmap encoding with encrypted info..
TrusCode can be designed into one-code-to-multilink label via open entrance for secure management, labeling the product and relative services with TrusCode to realize authentication and certification for whole process management from producing, circulating, transporting and consuming.


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